The Hell's Kitchen Haunted Hallway Camera

Well...I have never had much luck with "Ghost Cams" but I'm told this 24-7 "Haunted Hallway Cam" is a sure thing. Located in the hallway of an old apartment building here in New York the Manhattan neighborhood of "Hell's Kitchen" oddly enough.

I wouldn't sit here all night waiting, its like the lottery. I mean really...what are the odds of seeing a ghost? But just in case...keep a finger on the print screen button and good luck.

Another interesting Hell's Kitchen story is that of the internet show The Ghost Hours which takes place within the infamous "Windermere", one of New York's oldest Apt. buildings and once home to the popular yet tragic ventriloquist act Love and Garland. Franklin Love and his vent figure Eddie Garland are said to still haunt several rooms in the old building and to have recently discovered the internet.

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"Here's a website to send shivers up your spine"-Kate Russel BBC

The Devil's Tramping Ground
Another interesting dark camera (only this one is searching for UFOS) can be seen Here