I'm a New Yorker. This animation was created just after the horrors of 9/11 while I was wondering if humanity could actually learn the lessons that our failures were trying to teach us.

I had rented a cheap budget rental car just to drive outside the city for an escape. I ended up losing several hours and woke up neatly parked by the side of a country road, still safely inside my rental car. A little spooked, I then drove back to the city while listening to flamenco on the rental car radio.

The music was by the great Flamenco singer Domingo Alvarado. Alvarado was the lead singer for Carmen Amaya and toured extensively with her and performed at the historic Carnegie Hall appearance.

A true flamenco aficionado, Jean Cocteau wrote "Carmen Amaya is hail on a windowpane, a swallow's cry, a black cigar smoked by a dreamer, thunderous applause; when she and her family sweep into town, they cause ugliness, torpor and gloom to evaporate just as a swarm of insects strips the trees of their leaves.

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